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General Assistant - Part Time
Gainford Care Homes
Gainford Care Homes


Part Time Role - £10.75 per hour

Job Title - General Assistant

Job Purpose - Your duties are mainly in the residents bedrooms.

Daily duties

  1. Strip each bed and check mattress for any damage, stains etc
  2. Wash down mattress with Bacta Clean
  3. Any soiled bedding must go to laundry, replace with clean bedding
  4. Check pillows and duvets, if stained send to laundry. Dress all beds ensuring they are presentable at all times.
  5. When entering the bedrooms check that the en-suite and other areas are free from urine or faeces, immediately alert a domestic to clean the area.
  6. Check the wardrobes and drawers and tidy where necessary ensuring the clothes are for that resident.
  7. Place continence pads out of sight within all rooms
  8. Check curtains for stains and any missing hooks replace, where necessary
  9. Ensure that there are no items on the floor so domestics can go about their duties
  10. Help feed residents at breakfast and lunch time
  11. Complete daily documentation
  12. Assist with visiting




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