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Domestic - Lindisfarne Hartlepool
Gainford Care Homes
Gainford Care Homes


JOB TITLE: Domestic

ACCOUNTABLE TO: Home Manager & Senior Carers

JOB TYPE: Part time - 27 hours/week

SALARY: £11.44 per hour.

EXPERIENCE: Some Domestic experience would be preferred. 



Job Summary:

To provide an effective standard of cleanliness in order to ensure the comfort and well being of the residents, staff, and visitors to the Home. This includes cleaning all bathrooms, toilets and ensuites on a daily basis. Shampooing and vacuuming carpets with equipment provided, cleaning all communal areas in the Home and using equipment that is provided.



• Maintain cleanliness in the Home by following a systematic approach which will not be intrusive to the care of the residents in the Home.

• To ensure the correct disposal of waste from the Home taking into account Health & Safety, and COSHH regulations.

• To adhere to the cleaning programme within the allocated budgets and participate in reviewing its efficiency.

• Report any difficulties with regard to the cleaning of the Home or cleaning supplies to a senior member of staff.

• To be aware of the fire procedures within the Home.

• To undertake relevant training courses.

• To work within the Home’s policies and procedures.

• To maintain confidentiality in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

• To be aware of responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act.

• To report any accidents, incidents, or complaints to a senior member of staff.

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