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Care Assistant Day & Night- St. Mary's Nursing Home
Gainford Care Homes
Gainford Care Homes




JOB TYPE: Full-time, Part-time - Day and Night Shift Available

SALARY: £10.75/hour

To apply for this position please forward an up to date CV to


We are looking for a Care Assistant to join our St. Mary's Care Home for 33 hours/week working rota over 7 days including weekends 

Job Summary

  • The post holder works to provide a supporting service to the Nurse in Charge. Duties are described within the following helping roles of support assistant.
  • Maintaining a safe and homely environment for patients by housekeeping duties in the care areas and prevention of cross-infection.
  • Receiving and giving of information.
  • Working with and lending support to the qualified nurse carrying out planned care for individual patients.


  • Personal and Social Care.
  • Participating in the preparation for the informal reception of the patient/resident at the time of admission.
  • Attending to the needs of carers/relatives of patients/residents and courteous reception of visitors in the Home.
  • Protecting patients/residents who are frail, unsteady when walking, disabled by poor vision or confusion from all types of accidents wherever possible.
  • Assisting patients/residents in the care of their personnel clothing and other possessions/valuables in accordance with the Home policies/procedures.
  • Knowing personal role at first aid level in resuscitation procedure.
  • Receiving and acting upon the instruction of the Nurse in Charge that may be spoken and/or written in the patients/residents care plan, or occur during work activities.
  • Reporting to the Carer responsible for making the patient/residents care plan or the Nurse-in-charge at the time:

- Information received from the patient/resident, family, friends etc., that seem important.
- Any change noted in the patients usual condition.
- Information important to the patients comfort or emotional well being.
- The patients/residents response to care given.
- Falls or other accidents

  • Maintaining confidentiality of information gained about patients/residents, discussing private information only with those responsible for their care.
  • Be consistent and warm in manner encouraging patients/residents to talk socially when they feel ready to do so, valuing the potential of the conversation.*
  • Become involved in social and occupational activities with patients/residents as appropriate.
  • Support patients during escort duties, explaining routines and maintaining a positive approach.
  • Assist the patients who need help with personal hygiene, dressing and undressing activities.
  • Care of the skin, nails, hair.
  • Care of the mouth, teeth or dentures
  • Protection of the skin
  • Provide general comfort
  • Storage of clothing and preparation for laundering
  • Help patients/residents who are confined to bed by appropriate means, comfort and safety.
  • Assist individuals who have continence problems understanding use of incontinence management and resources.
  • Disposal of waste products and cleaning wipes appropriately and safely.
  • Assisting in completing last office procedure with a qualified nurse.
  • Participate in personal care of patients/residents with due regard for acceptability to the patient/resident, preventing embarrassment, maintaining dignity, complying with established policies.


1. Observing and prompting comfortable heating and tolerable noise levels within the Home.

2. Service meals to patients/residents:

- assisting with help or feeding

- assisting with choice when required

- record fluids taken when appropriate or directed

- comply with special diets, report appetite and intake

- prepare food and drinks as required

3. Maintain recommendations/procedures for food hygiene and food handling.

4. Having detailed understanding of fire hazards, sitting of appliances routine to be followed in the event of fire and evacuation process.

5. Assisting with tidiness in clinical areas, removal of used items of equipment, correct disposal of waste, soiled linen.

6. Assist Nurse in Charge or nominated Deputy in technical activities as required.

7 Preparing the personal space areas for patients/relatives before admission /after discharge, cleaning the beds etc.; and other items of equipment.

8. Replenishing patients/residents areas with towels, soap etc.; and identifying the need to replenish clinical stocks where holding levels are required.



1. Ensure medications are administered as per policy. All relevant documentation must be complete.

2. Participate/attend meetings, educational sessions, receive regular supervision from Officer in Charge.

3. Promote effective communication both within and outside the Home environment.

4. Participate in flexible duty patterns that promote effective 24 hour care



1. Listing patients/residents property on arrival or departure.

2. Noting, reporting and documenting damaged furnishings, conditioning of equipment, baths, showers or other appliances.

3. Assisting as necessary with written documentation associated with any aspect of patients/residents care-as supervised by Nurse in Charge.

4. Dealing promptly with telephone enquires and messages, communicating effectively with other members of the team.


This job description may be altered subject to the needs of the service we are required to provide and is not exhaustive of residents.

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